INSA Toulouse robotics club

President of the club during two years

I have been during two years president of the robotics club of INSA Toulouse (french engineering school). During these two years, I was in charge of a team of almost 30 people. In particular, I was involved in finding sponsors both from academia and industrial companies and I was managing the various projects in electronics. Of course, I was also more strongly involved in several projects like a triangulation system based on a rotative laser and 3 detectors communicating with Xbee modules. The main objective of our club was to participate to the Eurobot competition and develop a new robot every year. In particular, I have been particularly careful to create an environment where anyone interested to participate would be helped and could learn and realise concrete projects.

Picture of the 2007 robot called Fatal Bazooka
CAO of the 2007 robot

During these two years, one of the main goal besides the development of a robot was also to propose a general architecture for the robot for the electronics and informatics that was documented in order to be reused the next year without starting from zero. This is the reason why we have been able to improve our result at the french robotics competition from 51th in 2007 to 17th in 2008 and I like to think that it has also played a role in the very good results of the following years (5th in 2013).

Picture of the 2008 robot called Pandora
CAO of the 2008 robot

More information on the INSA Toulouse robotics club can be found here